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This 8 months volunteering project will take place in Roubaix, France, between the 1st of December and the 1st of August.
It’s opened to all applicants, Males and Females between 18 and 25 y-o.
The volunteers will be paid 570 €/Month (which is enough for food, good accomodations, transport and mobile phone in Roubaix) for 24 hours of (hard)work per week.
This volunteering project is not an EVS, this mission is under a french program completely different than EVS, so if you already did a long term EVS, you can still apply !

Description of the Mission

On December, the volunteers will take part in the organization of the international Training Course « Sport Live » on video and sport under the Erasmus+ program in which 32 participants of 9 different nationalities will take part in Roubaix.
The volunteers will be trained to develop Education Digital Tools about International issues to evaluate volunteers who have been or who would like to go abroad under the frame of a project.
The volunteers will support the creation of new partnership abroad under Erasmus+ and also on local dimension so we can increase of operational capacities (especially alimentary partnership with large distribution chains so we can organize better French cultural evenings when we are on projects abroad).
The volunteers will also be trained to video edit the movies filmed by the OFCI’s members: movie coverage, interviews, tutorials, short movie, awareness campaigns.
The volunteers will organize events from A to Z in order to reach our target group and motivate it to take part in our activities (Screening, debates, workshops, press conferences, entertainment evenings or certificates delivering).
The volunteers will give more life to the website and the Facebook page by publishing new, exclusive and relevant materials to promote our activities, recruit new members and participants for trainings and exchanges abroad.
During their service time, the volunteers may have to travel abroad as French Team Leaders for projects under Erasmus+, the travel expenses are completely covered by the OFCI.

If you need more details or if you want to ask a question about this mission, please send an Email to or add Youri Bergoug on Facebook.

Send your  Resumes, Motivation Letters and Recommendation Letters to

Application deadline : 11th of November

Skype Interviews : 12th & 13th of November

Selection Results : 14th of November at 18:00

Good Luck !

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