Dear Intern or Volunteer, under this small paragraph, you will find all kind of activities you can work on when joining us at OFCI in France.

They are just few examples and a new world of opportunities will be opened to you for exploration here.


• Receive training on Erasmus+ Programme Opportunities
• Participate to Erasmus+ and International projects
• Lead an OFCI team during an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange
• Write articles about projects you have attented as OFCI report
• Collect testimonials from participants to our projects.
• Organise a Summer Camp of French/English language
• Find new innovative activities we can implement during French Intercultural Evenings we organise on projects abroad.
• Create an online bootcamp on managing NGO and International projects.
• Find innovative way for the OFCI to serve the interest of the community.
• Prospect the interest of our international audience on bringing them to France on Independent projects.
• Explore new fields of Erasmus+ programme.

Social Medias

• Receive training on Buffer
• Invite all your friends to like OFCI Page
• Using Buffer, prepare daily scheduled posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram related with OFCI’s activities or international issues
• Study trending hashtags and use them appropriately
• On behalf of OFCI, join debates on the social medias
• Evaluate the needs of our social medias’ activities


• Receive training on WordPress, Divi and Divi Builder
• Write articles on new OFCI projects and publish reports of previous OFCI projects
• Write press releases
• Evaluate the needs of our Website
• Prepare surveys to consult our members and sympathisers on issues related with our activities
• Create “Buzzfeed like” personnality quizz
• Brainstorm on how to build the future OFCI forum
• Animate and moderate OFCI forum


• Find potential participants for our projects
• Create a contact list based on collected emails and phones of our partners and sympathisers
• Design and send Newsletters
• Display posters in strategic locations
• Drop flyers in the mail boxes in Student Residences
• Distribute flyers to students outside universities or during events
• Drop flyers in strategic places
• Control the supplying of strategic places in Posters and Flyers
• Collect all photos of all our projects
• Evaluate our needs in visual materials for our events and fairs
• Find influencers, bloggers, radio hosts and journalists to promote OFCI’s activities
• Have deep conversation about the NGO with members
• Call the members of the NGO to recruit Administrators for the Administration Council
• Send bulk SMS to inform our members and sympathisers
• Translate and Subtitle OFCI videos
• Find inspirational sources for our communication
• Brainstorm on producing OFCI items
• Control the featuring of all our partners on the visual communication of our projects


• Receive training on softwares such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Topaz AI Suite and Canva
• Take photos during projects and events and edit them
• Design Flyers, Posters and Leaflets to promote OFCI’s activities
• Design photomontages, infographics, memes to promote OFCI’s activities
• Design graphic elements for the Website


• Register OFCI to Fairs and other relevant events
• Organise an event for OFCI
• Organise informative meetings
• Organise yearly OFCI General Assembly
• Organise a mini-training/workshop
• Organise a private party
• Organise a guided tour for foreign students in the streets of Roubaix/Lille
• Organise a debate about international questions filmed in live via Facebook
• Participate to NGOs’ events
• Participate to instituional events
• Get informed on short trainings in France
• Propose those short trainings to OFCI members


• Receive training on softwares such as: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects
• Make video reports of our international projects and local events
• Interview members, administrators, trainees, interns and partners about their experience with OFCI
• Create sophisticated portrait format stories and square format social media videos to promote OFCI’s activities
• Find spokespersons or actors for our videos
• Create a WebTV show in english with foreigners and french people


• Write an Erasmus+ project
• Setup activities of self-financing
• Setup Crowdfunding campaigns
• Recruit donators through social medias, street talking, emailing and phoning
• Convince businesses to accept our donation box
• Find sponsors
• Get informed on foundations
• Get informed on city funds
• Get informed on departmental funds
• Get informed on regional funds
• Get informed on national funds
• Get informed on european funds

NGO Management

• Meet and select participants for our OFCI projects
• Recruit unpaid volunteers
• Recruit paid volunteers
• Recruit interns
• Recruit Erasmus+ interns
• Control the progression of the volunteers’ work
• Organise brainstorming sessions with OFCI volunteers
• Organise reunions
• Organise Administration Council sessions
• Prepare the agenda of Administration Councils and General Assemblies
• Take part in writting the yearly activity report of the OFCI
• Take part in writting the yearly financial report of the OFCI
• Control the needs of the office on consumable
• Control the needs of the office on food supply
• Control the needs of the office on drink supply
• Control the needs of the office in equipments
• Print new letters of membership
• Update OFCI’s Google Agenda
• Update the tasks list
• Update the OFCI members list


• Create new Erasmus+ KA1 & KA2 partnerships
• Develop partnership in France with universities, public and private instiutions, and associations
• Meet our partners
• Create Infopacks about our projects in France to inform our partners
• Find sponsors for our Football team in Lebanon
• Take part in OFCI appointment
• Thank all our partners after organising or participating to a project