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Organisation Française de la

Coopération Internationale’s


The Association

The French Organization of the International Cooperation is an association law 1901 created in 2012 in Roubaix by travelers and actors of the civil society.

The OFCI organizes and takes part in projects with international dimension in France as abroad. Our missions include a highly varied field of activity such as the journalism, the media, the policies, the economic development, the sending of various equipment towards our partners abroad, etc. …

The OFCI is attached to its apolitisme as well as to the diversity of its members.

The OFCI does not take a stand, including when teams of the OFCI are sometimes brought to go in countries at war, knowing sporadic armed disorders or big political tensions.

Our Objectives

● Organize and participate in international projects (exchanges of young people, seminaries, humanitarian missions, journalism, etc.).

● Create network at the international level by linking partnerships with NGOs of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

● Promote the French culture to the international (the gastronomy, the music, the traditions, the tourism, etc. …).

● Gather individuals of different circles and in the numerous skills in the fulfillment of a common project.

●Develop the knowledge of our members on going subjects of the sustainable development in the journalism including the geopolitics and the implementation of projects.

● Realize some journalistic, educational multimedia contents and entertainment.

 ● Defend a more respectful Europe from Human Rights in the Middle East.

Our Features

● We go in places where the housewife under 50 would not probably go: Gaza Strip, Western Sahara, Palestinian Refugee camps in Lebanon, etc.

● Hardly 2 years after its creation, the OFCI has already led the actions on 3 continents.

● We have partners through all Europe.

● Contrary to most of the international organizations, we place cultural and economic development projects at the heart of our concerns. We had all the same a consequent humanitarian branch.

The Office

Although acting mainly abroad, the brain of the association is situated in Roubaix. From here, the teams of the OFCI develop innovative, interesting projects and (we hope for it) useful. Our work crosses by the writing of the projects, the search for new partners, the organization of events, the classic paperwork, the sorting as well as the rigorous inventory of the equipment forwarded abroad, etc….

On the Ground

Once all the steps were realized, a team made of members of the OFCI is sent to mission.

According to the project, this one can include various skills: multilingualism, shooting video, engineering, political sciences, etc. …

Once the mission was realized, the team transmits to the office all the elements of mission (ex: reports, reports videos, photos.) which are then presented and spread during public events.