OFCI is an NGO situated in Roubaix, France (20 mins by metro from Lille ) that develops international cooperation activities and projects in France and abroad.
We are an NGO created by young people for young people. We help young people to acquire new skills and abilities.

This time we offer a set of FREE* workshops regarding following topics:
Create attractive visual content for Social Networks and Websites, Create your own website quickly and easily, promote your activities with Google AdWords, and workshops on how to create and manage a NGO, but also on how to write Erasmus+ projects.

Workshops are going to take place  every day from Monday the 20th of November 2017 until Friday the 24th of November 2017.
Each workshop will take one hour and a half, and start at 18:45.
If you manage to be present at every workshop you will get a certificate confirming your participation. All certificates will be issued and stamped by OFCI.

All workshops will be in English, and it is recommended that you have at least B1 level to be able to participate. Also, you should be comfortable with basic computer skills such as file management or internet browsing.There is no age limit, the only thing which matters is your motivation to learn.
You will also need to download and install Softwares one day before some modules: Adobe Photoshop Module: Adobe Photoshop (TRIAL) Wordpress Module : FileZilla & WordPress


Monday the 20th of November:
Introduction of OFCI;
Introduction of Erasmus + program;
Workshop about how to write Erasmus+ project.s

Tuesday the 21st of November:
Wordpress – Create your own Website very quickly and easily

Wednesday the 22nd of November:
How to create and manage an NGO

Thursday the 23rd of November:
How to create advertisement campaign with Google AdWords

Friday the 24th of November:
Adobe Photoshop – Improve your pictures and create attractive visual elements


** Free participation is possible is you are member of OFCI. You can become a member of OFCI at any moment, cost of membership is symbolic – 5 € (if you are student or unemployed) or 20 € (if you have a job). More infos clicking here!