• Congratulations!

    If you are on this page, it means you have been pre-selected for a Traineeship or Paid Volunteering program at OFCI. In order to make sure you will effectively contribute to the development and glory of our organization, we have created the following test. In case you succeed to this test, it will also help us to assign you the tasks which fit the best your personality and your own personal development path. This exam should take you between 1 and 4 hours, do you best, be accurate, be honest, express your feelings and give it your all!

    Important : The question of the test are in English but can be answered either in French or English. Also the Test page might be unstable, so feel free to save your answers in a doc file from time to time to avoid any problem. Before starting, feel free to read all questions in order to manage the 4 hours you have in the best manner.
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  • You can find inspiration here : http://www.ofci.fr/what-can-i-do-at-ofci/